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England and France are at war, the crusades have ended and with them the Crusader States have fallen.

The church is the seat of power in the western world. York is considered a major trading hub for England, receiving and shipping goods across Europe.

Most recently in 1289 there was no winter, the seasons passed from autumn to spring without winter. Pagans and Christians alike attribute it to omens and portents of the end of the reign of evil that has controlled the land for eons.

York is one of the most important cities in England, its wealth from trade, and commerce have made many astute commoners as wealthy as any noble born, and the ecclesiastical and academic institutions that dot the city bring forth enlightenment for those with wealth or influence enough to earn it. Fashion from Europe pours into the city and many socialites spend more than the poor see in their life to maintain the latest styles of faraway lands.


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