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Commerce Specifics and expanded Empty Commerce Specifics and expanded

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 13, 2015 12:57 pm

Please note that commerce levels are for one specific resource that you control, while trading is possible it does require downtime actions.

You may be able to purchase more than one type of commerce, but these are separate backgrounds.

After purchasing a level of commerce you gain access to a resource that is automatically gathered, but you must keep an item card for your resources much like a cash card.

For example, Robert the Toreador decides he wants to control all of the timber in Yorkshire, he buys up his commerce to three, spends contacts to see if anyone else has total control of the resource, if they do he may want to change his mind or be prepared for a war on resources. (4th and 5th Dots in resources are restricted to 2 and 1 character respectively, Robert can watch his timber much like an influence, either seeing ships bringing in timber from other regions or for locals cutting down trees and trying to sell it.)

At five he has access to a fleet (5 total) of ships to travel across the world, so either he or his ghoul order those ships to Normandy, Scotland and Norway to barter, this takes the month and those ships return with Iron from Scotland, Copper from Norway, and Silver from France. He may now trade the resources in England. He sends his last two ships to Denmark where he hopes that a local noble will trade his timber in exchange for a handful of rare books that he has heard the nobleman has. (Using commerce the previous month to get information from across the North Sea.) The nobleman is in desperate need of timber as he is trying to build a castle to impress a baroness in another domain, he offers the books and some information (information network mimicked as an action point against his commerce) then takes the timber of Roberts ships.

He does not automatically get these traded resources unless he spends downtime actions to trade.

Robert now has three small amounts (1 dot worth per ship) of resources from other countries. He doesn't want others to know he has them so he must spend allies or transportation influence to hide his newly gotten gains, otherwise anyone looking will be able to see that three ships arrived with precious metals.

Robert hides his Copper and Silver, but doesn't have the influence to hide the Iron. A competitor who has a monopoly on iron in the region uses his Commerce to block all iron sales in Yorkshire and is watching Iron sees Roberts ship, and uses his commerce to press his guards into a brute squad, board the ship carrying the iron, they sail it into the middle of the North Sea steal it's cargo and sink the vessel so no one knows who took it. Roberts competitor hides all his actions so Robert only knows his ship is missing, and his cargo is gone. (he's down one ship for the next month while he buys a new ship. His sheet doesn't lose dots, he merely loses access to the fifth ship)

Roberts competitor is now able to add that dot of iron to his resource card, and continues to embargo iron in the region for whatever reason.


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Commerce Specifics and expanded Empty Re: Commerce Specifics and expanded

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:11 pm

Commerce list, this list is not complete it is just to give the players an idea of the major resources available to them. Nor does this list exclude items already taken by other characters, these things will have to be found out through RP and use of backgrounds.



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