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The War of Princes wages on, Mithras the ancient Ventrue is Monarch of the Baronies of Avalon but enemies surround him on all sides.

The Scotts lead by the Toreador and Welsh Gangrels threaten his throne. Across the Channel the Courts of Love rule over Western France, but rumor is they have their eye on their Island Neighbors.

Currently the Ventrue control much of the island, but this may change soon, Mithras has called all the Barons of Avalon to a summit, and it may be months before the princes return to their seats of power.

Political enemies now work against each other to seize what power they can by the sudden absence of their prince.

Within the shadows of the Cainite society a cult has arisen, mixing both Christian and Cainite belief, this heresy threatens the power of the church, and inquisitors have begun to take notice of the so called lords of the night.

As the inquisition grows so too does the brazenness of the kine, rumors spread like wildfire among the children of Cain of Methuselahs being dragged into the light of day by priests wielding faith so powerful that it can fell even the most powerful and ancient of Cains Chosen people.


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