The End Comes for Us All [Cainite]

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The End Comes for Us All  [Cainite] Empty The End Comes for Us All [Cainite]

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:30 pm

Immortality, is what we are offered at our Embrace. Perhaps it is possible. Perhaps there are those who shall in truth live for all of time.

It is not so for many of us.

The snow bit hard, and with its long greedy fangs it supped on the land's lifeblood. The leavings lay entombed in ice and white dust all through Scarborough. And the hunger spread further than there.

The Elders are falling. Meerlinda, Stephen the Greatish, John of York, and now Lord Camden has succumbed. Brought down by the masses of hungry mortals turned rabid by hubris.

Or was it Nicholas of Brujah, or Baron Adrian of Canterbury?

Who can say.....who can even travel to bring a message to anyone in these truly dark times.


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