The White Woman

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The White Woman

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:45 am

5 good men went out to work
Promised wives duties they’d not shirk.

1 went to drink, and drown his woes
That night all they found were toes.

1 went to kiss the lady next door
His blood writ out “You’re a whore.”

1 went to gamble and waste his coin.
His tree has no more fruit for the loin.

1 told his friend he’d be right back.
When he didn’t they found him in a sack.

1 went to work and did as he should.
Only one left who was really any good.

The lady in white has become near common place, and rhymes like this can be heard throughout Yorkshire. Break an oath, any oath, and you may find yourself with a white-dressed visitor.


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