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Post by Admin on Fri Feb 26, 2016 9:50 am

That bitch. That stupid bitch. Always going on and on about the stupidest bitch things. Where'm I supposed to find food in these conditions? Magic it up out of the ground? You can't get blood from stone, but I bet she bleeds....

Stupid oaf, always lagging around. Look at him in the field just staring at me. Why did I marry such a useless sack of shite? Have to feed the fucking brats, doesn't he fucking see that? Well, he'll help me with way...or another....

Mum and Da are useless. I'm bored, and hungry. I want to play. I want to play in blood and mud and make blood pies. I want to see how many fingers I can feed to Billy before he gags. Stupid baby, getting all the attention..

Hungry. Itchy. Uncomfortable. Hate. Loud, loud, not loud cold. Bright. Rage. Warm. Poopy. Sleepy. Murder.


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