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Marius the "pious" Empty Marius the "pious"

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:52 am

Have you ever noticed that Marius always seems to be speaking about God and being holy and all that, but he's really open to other ways to salvation?

Like what?

Well, this woman who I know comes to the inn to sell little trinkets and stuff, to the upper crust types. She says Marius was going on about Spirits and how they can guide you.

Like angels?

No, like....ghosts or something. That the Holy Spirit was a spirit, and that like how Jesus guided our bodies and God our minds that the Holy Spirit guides our souls, and maybe it has a whole bunch of spirit advisors and servants.

That....sounds wrong.

Yeah really wrong.

Where's she from, this lady? When did she hear him say this stuff?

She gets around, from up north a bit...not too far though. Next she's in I'll introduce you. She's hard to miss, very striking, pale, and always with that blue cloak.

Good. I'd like to hear more.


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