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A timeline of the game we're playing Empty A timeline of the game we're playing

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Anyone with a level of Academics will have access to most of this knowledge

55 BC The Romans invade England
54-40 BE The Roman armies encounter Celtic sorcerers, Druids begin to make pacts with fae.
43 BC Romans Conquer England
71 AD Mithras settles in England, he eventually becomes “First Among Equals” with the Barbarian Cainites, York is founded by the Ninth Legion of Rome
79 AD Vesuvius Erupts and destroys Pompeii
100 AD The Veneration of Mithra transforms into a widespread “Mystery Religion” throughout the Roman Empire, as their power grows they clash with multiple “Christian” sects
100’S AD Bindusara a Ventrue scholar and writer of the Book of Nod and the Erciyes Fragments, and Haqim founder of the Assamites sit with Mithras for a time.
100’s AD The Sixth Legion takes over duties in York
120 AD Rome’s Ninth Legion suddenly vanishes from Eboracum (York), without reason.(This actually happened…creepy)
120 AD A revolt by Brigantes is suppressed. (Native Celtic tribe that controlled most of present day York)
122 AD Construction of Hadrian’s Wall begins, the Construction of London Forum is complete
142 AD Antonine Wall construction begins, it marks the northern most border of the Roman Empire
150s AD The Mnemosyne (Malkavian bloodline) clash with Bindusara
154 AD Antonine Wall is overrun by Brigantes.
158 AD Hadrian’s Wall is refortified.
160 AD Antonine wall is reoccupied by Roman troops
163 AD Antonine wall is Abandoned. Forts are built along Hadrian’s wall.
175 AD 5500 Sarmatian (Present day Iranian people) Cavalry is stationed in Northern Britain
180 AD Northern tribes breach Hadrian’s Wall and Ravage the countryside, Rome retaliates
185 AD The Roman Army is pushed back to Hadrian’s wall, the Roman Army Mutinies and is quickly suppressed.
197 AD Maeatae (Celtic tribes) Launch raids against Hadrian’s wall.
206 AD Hadrian’s wall is repaired, the local governor asks for assistance from the Emperor.
209 AD Severus (Roman Emperor) and Caracalla (His son) Take command of the Armies of Britain.
210 AD Caracalla leads a campaign against the Maeatae
211 AD Severus Dies at York, his son abandons the isle and all territories north of Hadrian’s wall, returns to Rome.
214 AD Britain is divided into two provinces Britannia Superior and Birtannia Inferior, York and London have administrative centers set up.
220 AD Saxons Invade across Britain, mostly along the Southern Coast
220s AD Mithras vanishes, a Triumvirate of Elders quickly replaces him
259 AD Latinus Postumus proclaims Britain is part of his Empire of the Gauls, betrays Rome to form his own Empire
270 AD Saxon raids increase.
274 AD Postumus Gallic Empire is reabsorbed into the Roman Empire
277 AD Wine production restrictions in Britain are lifted, revolts are put down in Britain
286 AD The Britannic Empire is formed by Mausaeus Carausius
289 AD Carausius defeats Rome in a naval battle
296 AD The Britannic Empire falls, becomes part of Rome again
297 AD Hadrian’s Wall is rebuilt, forts are replaced. Picts attack Roman troops
368 AD Picts and Saxons begin a yearlong series of Raids, this forces the Romans to Abandon Hadrian’s wall
383 AD Romans begin to withdraw of Great Britain
400 AD The Sons of Mithras cult vanishes from mortal influence, most of the City of York is buried beneath a flood of water and silt as the heavy snows of the winter begin to melt.
410 AD Picts, Gaels and Saxons attack the unprotected British Celts
449 AD Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Frisians begin to occupy Great Britain (English language started yay us)
500 AD Beginning of Heptarchy (Seven kingdoms of Kent, Essex, Sussex, Wessex, East Anglia, Mercia and Northumbira)
541 AD The Bubonic Plague hits Europe
594 AS The Bubonic Plague ends, literally killing half of Europe
597 AD St Augustine of Canterbury arrives in England, starts converting pagans to Christianity. The Lhiannan clan begins to lose power, and are slowly hunted down.
600 AD Arturus is said to be the true king of England by many (King Arthurs legend begins to be spread around campfires)
600 AD Several Toreador Elders slip into Torpor in Rome, never to be heard from again
664 AD The Synod of Whitby aligned the English with Roman rather than Celtic Christianity. (We get holidays like Easter)
716 AD Aethelbald becomes King of Mercia, Mercia becomes the prominent kingdom of the isle.
754 AD The Cainite Heresy is uncovered, and all its members bloodhunted on sight by many Elders.
787 AD Scandinavian invasion begins with raids along the North East coast.
793 AD Vikings raid Lindisfarne (Island North east of Britain, center of Celtic Christianity)
825 AD Battle of Ellendun, Mercian supremacy in the isle is ended.
842 AD Vikings raid London, Rochester and Southampton. The Gangrel clan have an allthing, insults are traded and war begins among the beasts clan. Viking Toreador and Brujah sail west after hearing a call on the wind.
867 AD Vikings capture York, it becomes the capital of the Kingdom of Jorvik
868 AD The Northumbiran army is repelled by the Vikings of Jorvik
878 AD Vikings are defeated at Ethandun, their king converts to Christianity, Danelaw is established (Region of England where the laws of the Dane’s held sway, this includes York)
895 AD A Danish fleet is captured by Alfred the Great. (He become total ruler of all of England)
900 AD The Toreador begin to lose control of Byzantium to the Brujah, leading to its collapse.
904 AD “The Feast of Folly” Cappadocius seals many of his clan in a tomb.
910-991 AD Vikings send multiple armies into England, they are defeated multiple times.
983 AD Ventrue incursion into Tzimisce domain is halted by revnants, the clans begin to harbor ill will toward each other.
1000 AD Cappadocians complete the Book of Nod, Geneveve Orseau of Toreador leads a Jyhad against the Followers of Set, the Viking worlds accept Christianity, Lief Ericson discovers Vinland
1005 AD The Giovanni are embraced into the Cappadocian clan
1016 Cnut the Great becomes king of all England
1021 AD Goratrix captures an elder of Clan Tzimisce forces him to turn his two apprentices into vampires, kills the elder, and takes his apprentices back to the chantry for experimentation.
1022 AD Tremere, Etrius, Goratrix and Meerlinda are turned into Vampires, Sascha Vykos is embraced. The Tzimisce form alliances with the Gangrel and Nosferatu in Eastern Europe, Chantry’s bengin to fall until Goratrix perfects the Gargoyle and tells them to “Go forth and multiply” The Tremere begin to win the war.
1045 AD Ambrogino Giovanni is embraced by Lady Constancia
1054 The great Schism, Eastern and Orthodox churches split the Roman church in two.
1066 AD The Norse invade England, the Norman Conquest causes William the Conqueror to be crowned King of England
1069 AD Mithras awakens during a battle, he feeds killing hundreds of soldiers. The Harrying of the North begins and ends, William the Conqueror destroys everything he can find to punish those who would revolt against him. This sets the economy of the region back by hundreds of years. Thousands die due to famine or sword. (And Mithras’ thirst)
1075 AD The Order of St James of Altopascio is formed in Italy
1085 AD Mithras returns to London, he attempts to rebuild his cult and retake his throne.
1086 AD “The Domesday Book” is started, listing all taxes owed to the crown, and a survey of the land.
1095 AD The first Crusade begins, Jerusalem is taken, many in the city as massacred. Rumors among Cainites circulate about a Baali and Malkavian war, some claim to have seen Malkav himself.
1099 AD The Knights Hospitaller, and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is formed in Jerusalem
1100 AD Gratiano is Embraced by Lasombra, Lambach Ruthven is embraced by Tabak
1102 AD Fatima al Faqadi is embraced
1118 AD Knights Templar is founded in Jerusalem
1123 AD The Order of St Lazarus is founded in Jerusalem
1128 AD The Order of Aviz is founded in Portugal
1133 AD Saulot is diablerized by Tremere. The war against the Salubri begins.
1135 AD “The Anarchy” A civil war results over a dispute of the succession of the throne of England.
1138 AD Battle of Standard, the English defeat the invading Scottish Army
1147 AD The Second Crusade begins
1154 AD Mithras becomes Lord of the Court of Avalon (All of England, parts of Ireland, Scotland and Wales)
1158 AD The Order of Calatrava is formed in The Kingdom of Castile (Spain)
1162 AD The Order of Aubrac is founded in Aubrac, France
1164 AD “Constitutions of Clarendon” is set. (An attempt to limit the power of the church and enforce monarchial law)
1170 AD Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket is assassinated, the Order of Santiago is founded in Castile, Spain. The Salubri are blamed for the assassination and blood hunted across England by multiple baronies, only York seems to offer a safe haven.
1177 AD The Order of Alcantara is Founded in Alcantara, Spain
1180 AD The Order of Mountjoy is founded in the Holy Land
1187 AD The Third Crusade begins
1190 AD The Teutonic Knights is founded in Acre, Israel, The Jews within the city of York are attacked by an angry mob, they attempt to take shelter in Cliffords Tower, the mob sets the tower aflame killing them. Attacks on Jews in the kingdom becomes widespread.
1191 AD The Hospitallers of Saint Thomas of Canterbury at Acre is founded, The Order of Monfrague is founded
1192 AD King Richard I is captured
1194 AD King Richard is ransomed and returned to England,
1200 AD Clan Toreador helps to start the Italian Renaissance, a Tremere begins work on a daemonology book title Nominis Inferni from excerpts of an Ancient Sanskrit fragment titled Naaman’h RaakShasa, the Inquisition is started. Tremere are rumored to be demon worshippers but it is later found that the Salubri are actually the infernalists.
1201 AD The Order of Sant Jordi d’Alfama is founded
1202 AD The Livonian Brothers of the Sword is founded, The Fourth Crusade begins
1205 AD Goratrix infiltrates the church and takes control of it, he uses the church to hunt down his enemies and those of the Tremere. The council decides that Goratrix has overstepped his bounds and calls him before them. Goratrix escapes and hides after his power is taken away. The first rumblings of the Anarch movement begin as Elders sacrifice their childer to save themselves.
1209 AD King John is excommunicated from the Catholic Church, The Albigensian Crusade Begins. The bloodhunt against the Salubri ends, Mithras welcomes the clan back to Avalon, rumors speculate that he had a vision of death approaching.
1212 AD The Immortal Horus battles against Mithras and his armies, wounding Aethelwulf the Warlord of Avalon, Mithras takes the field but is wounded and weakened. Many of the barons of Avalon talk of revolt, in answer for this Mithras creates a council of Elders. Mithras bored with politics leaves England to follow King Edward, leaving the Cappadocian Lord Camden to rule. The Children’s Crusades Begin
1215 AD The Magna Carta is signed. Clans Brujah and Toreador gain a voice in Mithras’ Avalon Court, many of the High Clans support this choice, and months later each clan gains a voice in the court, but only the “High clans” gain a vote. The Kiasyd overthrow the Ventrue in Strasbourg
1216 AD The Order of Dobrzyn is founded, Mithras signs the Rose Treaty in France
1218 AD The Order of the Blessed Virgin, Mary of Mercy is founded
1221 The Militia of Faith of Jesus Christ is founded, the order of Monfrague merges with the Order of Calatrava
1221 The Order of Faith and Peace, also known as the Order of the Sword is Founded
1229 AD The Spanish Inquisition starts, and is instituted.
1231 AD The society of Leopold is founded
1233 The Militia of Jesus Christ is founded
1236 The Livonian Brothers of the Sword merges with the Teutonic Order
1237 AD The treaty of York is signed, fixing a border between Scotland and England.
1252 AD After discovering that supernatural evils exist, the pope allows torture to be used during the inquisitions. It gets a little out of hand… The first Ventrue is caught by the inquisition.
1253 AD The first Scarborough Fair, as 45 day long trade meet is set up. People from across the known world begin to flock to York to celebrate.
1250’s – The Order of Dobrzyn falls in Kiev,
1261 The Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary is founded, The Militia of Jesus Christ is annexed by the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1264 Battle of Lewes, Rebel English barons led by Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester defeats King Henry III. A Gangrel Toreador alliance is cemented against Mithras
1267 AD King Henry III recognizes the authority of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (The last King of Wales, before English rule) in Gwynedd.
1270 The Order of Santa Maria de Espana is founded
1273 AD The Order of Faith and Peace is bankrupt, its holdings are taken into the church.
1276 AD The Cult of Mithras gains power among the elder Ventrue.
1277 AD England annexed Gwynedd (A Welsh kingdom) Clan Gangrel in Wales is angry, but has little political clout to do anything, clan Toreador attempts to send ships to help but the ships are sunk during a freak storm.
1279 AD The Statute of Mortmain is issues (Prohibits the power of the church, and stops the church from taking lands from those that have passed away). Clan Lasombra loses power within England, the Ventrue attempt to control through the right of Princes.
1280 The Order of Santa Maria de Espana Merges into the Order of Santiago
1285 AD The Militia of the Faith of Jesus Christ merges into the Third Order of Saint Dominic
1287 AD Rhys ap Meredudd leads a revolt against the English in Wales. The Welsh Gangrel diablerize all the “Roman” vampires they can find, they are quickly put down by several warlords of Avalon, the Toreador of France and Scotland renounce their treaty after witnessing atrocities of the blood.
1289 AD Cappadocian’s have made havens across the entire known world. The inquisition becomes aware of Vampires within the church.
1290 (The year we’re playing)
January 28 Dervorguilla of Galloway, mother of King John of Balliol of Scotland dies.
The Jews are expelled from the Kingdom of England in July.


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