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The nobles and clergy of England clamor for a thorough investigation into the Bishop's death before a new one is appointed; before anyone is appointed anywhere, in fact. They are angry at the loss of their beloved churchman and want the ones responsible to hang. Some whisper of a church conspiracy. Quietly.
The roads are no longer so safe. Only the armies of nobles allow merchants and pilgrims to travel safely. A few minor nobles who traveled with too few guards have simply vanished.
The occasional snake oil and Roman artifacts have been pulled off the shelves of local apothecaries. The crackdown on pagan or Jewish anything has left people feeling extra cautious.

Monasteries have been packing up their records and sending them to universities so they can be copied by monks dedicated to preserving the most important details. Some clergy are upset that the copies won't be in illuminated script. Some instructors are upset that this has disrupted operations.

The peasants are acting aloof and resistant to change. They've been betrayed too many times in the past few months to trust the words of nobles or strangers. Many are forming militias to protect themselves from ungodly nobles. In response, many of the highest-ranking nobles are closing ranks, trying to decide what to do about the menace and keeping their own counsel.
Most of the Healers have been snapped up by some noble or other. With so many dying of Plague aiding the sick, there were few enough. The remaining midwives of England don't have access to as much stock for alchemists, either.


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