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An Invitation Empty An Invitation

Post by NarrLiam on Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:49 pm

::Early in the evening a messenger arrives to the chapel, clearly a ghoul. With some amount of ceremony he unrolls a scroll, clears his throat and speaks loudly.::

"Here ye, here ye, on this night, the eleventh of July in the year twelve hundred and ninety one let it be known that His Lordship, Mithras, shall have a grand celebration held in Nottingham. All those of the Blood possessing at the time three or more Status are invited. There shall be refreshments and entertainment in abundance, and a very special treat. His Gloriousness decrees that there shall be a Grand Arena, in whom all those who consider themselves to be valorous and wish to display their honor are encouraged to engage in combat. They who defeat all others shall be granted a Boon from his Masterfulness, to be used as they see fit. He hopes to see all present, and looks forward to seeing all those of notable standing participating.

Good evening."

::With that the messenger leaves the scroll posted wherever such things are left.::


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