Wine Competition (Scarborough Fair)

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Wine Competition (Scarborough Fair) Empty Wine Competition (Scarborough Fair)

Post by Reynard Tisserand on Tue Aug 02, 2016 12:49 pm

(OOC: This announcement goes out to the kine):

Attention All Vintners:

This Coming Scarborough Fair will feature a wine tasting and competition. There will be a panel of esteemed judges to determine which wines excel across a number of categories, and in addition to the adulation of one's peers, the winners of the competition will be granted a modest monetary prize, as well as certain trading privileges. Any interested parties should contact the fair organizers in order to have their wine considered at the fair.


Cainites of Yorkshire,

While many of us do not pay much mind to wine, it is of great importance to mortal society. As the fair and the wine competition will be taking place in Scarborough, if you have any interest in influencing the event, placing particular individuals in position as judges, etc. Please do me the courtesy of informing me of your interest, prior to engaging in any clandestine activities within the borders of my city.

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