A call for Fellow Swordsmen.

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A call for Fellow Swordsmen. Empty A call for Fellow Swordsmen.

Post by MacLeod on Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:52 am

this letter is posted somewhere where only kindred can see it.)

Brothers and sisters of the night,

As I found myself coming across faces, both new and old, at our last gathering there was something that disturbed me. Have we become too docile? Have we allowed words in back rooms and the shadows left us unprepared to defend ourselves? The angry spirit of a previous Barron shows up out of the abyss with grave threats and little reaction was given. Some may say that words can solve the problems of this world. No my brothers and sisters this world is ruled by the sword and the fear of it. I say to you that fear of the blade is not a reason to not take up one to defend. And for those who stand behind the blade and give it orders I warn you. There will always be a day where a single swordsman can do what 100 can not. For those who wish to learn the way of the blade and protect this land we call home I offer to train any who will stand by my side. Together we can ensure the safety this land for generations to come.

- McLeod

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A call for Fellow Swordsmen. Empty Re: A call for Fellow Swordsmen.

Post by Vala on Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:14 am

::Vala stop and reads the note:: That's a long ad ::chuckles and wanders away::

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