Posted for the cainites of Yorkshire.

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Posted for the cainites of Yorkshire.

Post by Domnal Boruma on Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:35 pm

Let it be known that I, Domnal Boruma Mac Brian, son of the Ard Ri and Childe of Murchad Mor, do claim the position, rights, and privileges of the Baron of York.

Let all who reside in Yorkshire come to renew the paths of fealty or hospitality.

I shall hold my first court on the Eve of All Hallows' all invited to share in my hospitality. Our chamberlain has laid on a contest of beauty, and other entertainments shall be offered.

A court shall be named in the coming nights.

I shall also require a report from each of the baronets regarding thier domains current status, as well as thier plans to improve thier holdings.

Until a full court is named, requests to my praxis shall be directed to our most esteemed chamberlain.

Until our next meeting, I remain

Domnal Boruma Mac Brien, Baron of Yorkshire.

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