The Contest of Beauty

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The Contest of Beauty

Post by Reynard Tisserand on Wed Sep 28, 2016 3:44 pm

The Contest of Beauty will be held this coming month. I will eventually reschedule a revised contest of might, as well, but one contest should be sufficient for this coming month.

Some clarifications of the rules:

1) There is no restriction as to form or medium. The panel of judges will simply evaluate which entrant does the most to elevate the concept of beauty.

2) To increase the number of Cainites who consider entering, one may enter a retainer, ghoul, or other close associate as a proxy.

3) The panel of judges will consist of a representative of the Tremere clan, Contessa Montalvo, and myself. If I discover any entrants have attempted to unfairly sway the opinion of the judges, they will publicly be held to account for such underhanded behavior.

OOC: If you enter into the contest with something performance based (oratory, poem, song, musical instrument), you will have to do *something* to roleplay your entry, but the IC quality can be determined by rules, stats and chops, not your OOC performance skills).
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