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Post by Domnal Boruma on Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:58 am

The cainites of York are invited to attend a gathering hosted by the Baron in his holdfast just outside the city.  On arrival, they are escorted guests are escorted to the main hall where refreshment has been provided.

Domnal arrives a short time later and taking a place before the crowd begins to speak.

"My lords and ladies, cainites of All stations, I bring you here today in celebration.

This domain has shown its might, and the forces of the demonic and damned have fled before it. You should all be proud of your efforts. I cannot grant tonight all the favors deserved, but I have some I wish to name in particular.

To Magda and her Compatriot Mirabelle, your efforts were most puissant. I grant you the hospitality of my lands and halls from this day to the last. In these lands, you shall find a home should you choose. Magda and Mirabelle are women worthy of renown, and as I am well known and Famous, let all know Magda and Mirabelle as cainits to be respected for their wisdom and might.

To our neighbors from Durham, I say this: let none now speak of ill feelings between York and Durham. We have bled together in common cause, let us pledge to let the ire and ill feelings die as our enemies have. As my name is esteemed, I find Lord Ravenholt regent of Durham to be a most chivalrous cainite, laying aside the distance between us, setting aside the emnity between clans to stand before a deadly foe.

To the citizens of York, I now say this. Mighty allies we have, but it is not by their strength alone that we have conquered. The force of Yorkshires arms did also stand to be numbered. Many did great deeds but among those of my court there are several who I must say words.

"I am a man of my Word, and my word shall be kept. Two cainites of York did stand before a great power and cast their defiance into its teeth. Mors and Valance shall be rewarded for their efforts. Honor cries for honor, blood for blood. As you have shed blood for me in turn shall I shed it for you on the day it is needed. As my name is exalted,  I name Mors a Cainite to be feared. As I am persuasive, I call Valance most valiant. Our battle could not have proceeded without he coordination provided by our chamberlain. Reynard, as I am victorious, let all know you as resourceful"

Domnal pauses, paces momentarily, then resumes speaking.

"But victory is not without cost. To rid the domain of the threat we faced, two of our denizens gave their lives.

Kendra of the Wood an elder of Avalon and queen of Northumbria and Aubrey DeVere, 1st Earl of Oxford gave their lives in the defense of these lands. Let all bear witness to their fealty and faithfulness even unto death. I pray that they have gone to the halls of their fathers and gods. They lie now on a field of valor, but they deserve to rest in honor eternal. Valence and Morchant. As my chief vassals, I charge you to scour the battlefield where they fell and if it is possible, return their remains to us that they may be laid to rest by their own customs.

Domnal raises a glass of wine


This concludes my announcements for this evening. We shall gather hence in York until the summer permits the court to travel. I shall likely hold another gathering prior to the next court and more may be rewarded as I receive full reports from my court officers. Until then, enjoy the hospitality of my hall and also, of course Reynard's salon has reopened.

With that, Domnal heads down into the gathered people to mingle.

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