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Post by MacLeod on Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:59 am

On this particular night McLeod can be seen pulling a hand cart filled with metal bars, coal, and bundles of unknown materials wrapped decoratively in cloth. He is stopping by the local blacksmith in an attempt to acquire the last bits for his latest creation. He seems to be talking to himself as he pulls the cart.

"The blade itself must be perfect. Unbendable by any that are of my strength. A firm hilt molded to the grip of it's wielder.... The tang of the blade is going to have to be the full length of the hilt.... The balance of the weight must be exact so strength from the swing is not dissipated any on contact.... Then once it is almost ready we must inscribe the blade.... Once it is completed if we do so will lessen the durability and could shatter the keen edge my masterpiece deserves."

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