Moores and the Old Gods [Cainite]

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Moores and the Old Gods [Cainite] Empty Moores and the Old Gods [Cainite]

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 16, 2017 10:31 am

So has anyone told Moores the truth about the Old Gods?

Which one?  The Truth or the "Truth", or maybe the Truuuuuth?

Ugh, you know what I mean.  They're all supposed to be devils or demons or what have you.  It's unseemly to go around being seen to be loyal to them.  

Or maybe he knows something we don't?

I doubt it.  Lord Mithras is a god to many, but you don't see him wandering about demanding sacrifice.


Yes yes but he doesn't go around REMINDING everyone about it.  Moores would do well to take note....


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