LFT Seen again at Leeds![Mortal]

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LFT Seen again at Leeds![Mortal] Empty LFT Seen again at Leeds![Mortal]

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:50 pm

A dragon, a dragon,

I swear I saw a dragon, above Leeds

A green and seething,

fire breathing monsterous in sight!

Above Leeds.

with eyes of red and lions head

and wings as dark as night

He has a jaw of gleaming teeth,

he's fifty feet in height!

Above Leeds!

It's true, it's true

oh what are we to do?

It's true, it's true,

he'll break us all in two!

Above Leeds!

(The previous has been heard very often, and is being accepted as just common fact, that the Large Flying Thing exists.)


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