That Which is Not Dead Eternal Watches[Cainite]

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That Which is Not Dead Eternal Watches[Cainite]

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:06 pm

The Lord sees not in infinite blackness.
The Lord breathes not in his hoary depths of soil.
The Lord moves not from his womb in time.
Yet He lives.
Yet He watches all.
Yet His black hand moveth mountains.
Your Lord is given naught but disdain from His subjects.
Your Lord is tithed not what is owed to Him.
Your Lord is not pleased with His own.
Yet He demands honor.
Yet He craves Vitae.
Yet His servants are loyal, and serve Him still.
Wail and gnash thine teeth, those who would betray Him.
Mithras, Lord of Avalon.


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