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Post by Admin on Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:04 pm

Strangest thing happened to me last night.

Oh? Things have been topsy turvey, what could it possibly be?

A nosferatu came to speak with me.

Oh goodness I am sorry.

Yes I doubt I'll get the smell out of my parlor for a week. Anyway, it wasn't just that they were there, so much as what they had to say.


Yes he blathered on and on about how they knew their place and were not intending to offend and that they would consider it a favor if I passed that on. I of course agreed, just to get him out.

How very odd.

I thought so as well, but, I suppose it's assuring, I'd heard rumors a few had started getting uppity but...a pogrom isn't likely necessary.

Oh good, it's always disgusting what gets dredged up with one of those.


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