Reynard's York Salon (Second Gathering)

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Reynard's York Salon (Second Gathering) Empty Reynard's York Salon (Second Gathering)

Post by Reynard Tisserand on Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:51 am

This elegant urban manse has been redecorated yet again.

Several tapestries hang across the walls, each of which is certainly pleasing to behold individually, but no two of which seem to belong to a coherent theme. The music being played from nearby rooms is not exactly discordant, but the individual parts (excellently played on stringed instruments), do not seem to belong together as part of unified orchestral vision.

As always, the salon is staffed by Reynard's attendant, and any Cainite with hospitality in the domain is welcome to visit and socialize, provided that they behave themselves. As is customary (but which I usually forget to mention in these descriptions) a table along the side of the room is stocked with refreshments.

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