The War of Fangs Begins[Cainite]

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The War of Fangs Begins[Cainite] Empty The War of Fangs Begins[Cainite]

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 19, 2017 11:36 pm

It's not safe to go out at night, or even to be transported by day anymore.

When has it ever been?

Not like now. The wolves who think they're men are outright battling with their betters.

I assume you're referring to us?

The Lords of the Night are beset on all sides by fangs not their own, and their blood is drank by their feasting maws. The Children of Caine fight valiantly 'gainst the pelted horde, and are locked into a struggle that will surely echo throughout the ages!

That's....a bit dramatic don't you think?

I'm working on a play, I think I'll call it Underworld, what do you think?

I don't there any romance?

Of course, TONS of unnecessary romance that will keep anyone from truly learn anything interesting.

Perfect. I suspect you will make at least eight of these productions.

Oh at the least.


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