The Emperors New Clothes

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The Emperors New Clothes Empty The Emperors New Clothes

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:56 am

God's bloody teeth!

What? What is it?

You didn't hear? Someone's been hiring mercenaries to firebomb ports. Ones with silks and fine cloths coming in and out.


Yes, I hear they're Moorish. They're always trying to get more cloth for those long wraps and robes and such.

Well why do you care?

I've been waiting for a shipment to come in to buy a bolt or two for my wife, while the Fair is still here and I have the excuse...

That's too bad. Well, hopefully they'll sort them out quick, can't have pirates roaming about.

I said they were Moors.

Moors....pirates...mercenaries...what's the difference?


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