The giving of status

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The giving of status

Post by Mors on Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:10 pm

Long has Alexander Macleod served this domain. Those who reside here know him for many things. His ability to hear and speak with wraiths, which he has used to alleviate problems in the city of york and the surrounding regions. In doing so he has ventured into peril more than once, and through his wits or might of arms has overcome challenges many would quail in fear from.

That is not all, he has fought against other denizens of the dark as well, those that hunt our herds of kine, or seek to cause trouble. Even now he gathers others who are willing to put themselves first in order to defend this domain against those who would threaten it.

Away from the battlefield he strives and tires at his forge, bearing the heat of flames so that he can craft weapons. Now a tradesman would sell each of these masterpieces for a kingly sum, holding back their craft to only those who could afford such steep prices. Macleod is not such a creature. Time after time, he is willing to lend out these weapons to those who are willing to aid in the defense of our domain. Truly one such as he can be seen as nothing but a Loyal cainite, and any who doubt such claims will learn why I am feared throughout these lands.


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