Letting Responsibilities Lie [Cainite]

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Letting Responsibilities Lie [Cainite] Empty Letting Responsibilities Lie [Cainite]

Post by Admin on Tue May 24, 2016 4:32 pm

It's so hard to find those of the Blood willing to really cultivate their resources.

Too true, too true.

The Prince of York, now there's a Cainite who understands how to squeeze power from a populace.

Too true, too true.

And you know who doesn't? Baron Sigfried. I swear those bloody Roman, Ventrue, thugs more like, just can't help themselves. They're all kill, kill, kill, all the time. Leaving their responsibilities untended at the drop of a hat.

Too True, too true.

Thank goodness for Earl De Vere, coming in and picking up where that glorified beat stick left off. There's a man I'd be happy to have running my lands.

Too true, too true.

....are you even listening to me?

Too true, too--ah....what did you say?

Aubrey De Vere. He's taking up the slack in Sigfried's stead since he appointed no steward.

Ah..yes...yes. Capital fellow.


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