The Gathering in March

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The Gathering in March

Post by Reynard Tisserand on Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:23 pm

Dearest Cainites of the Domain of Yorkshire,

I am pleased to announce that our gathering this month will be in the city of York. In addition to the usual court activities, we are honored to be playing host to an eminent visitor from the Court of Love, who wishes to view our Elysium and partake of the social life that Yorkshire has to offer. I urge you all to be on your best behavior, as Jehenne is something of a taste-maker, and a favorable impression on her part could go a long way towards establishing a strong reputation for our Elysium and for our domain on the continent.

Looking forward to seeing you all, as always.

Reynard Tisserand
Reynard Tisserand
Reynard Tisserand

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