Love is in Avalon [Cainite]

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Love is in Avalon [Cainite] Empty Love is in Avalon [Cainite]

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:55 pm

There's been quite a lot of back and forth in the political arena as of late.

I have to agree, we had John for how long? Centuries I feel.

Yes, quite a few of them. Lately it seems being Baron of anything is asking to be gutted like a kine. It's all well and good for the mortal aristocracy to slaughter each other left and right.

It's unseemly, and unlike us. I suspect a plot from the French.

And wherever did you hear that?

Here. But elsewhere as well, supposedly even in London it's being whispered.

Not good, I fear our Norman immigrants aren't as up to those games as they were...

Well, we shall see.


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